Office Volunteers:

Volunteers that are looking to make a difference and be community leaders.
People that want to pay it forward and discover how great it feels to give!

Please send resume & cover letter, along with why you are in the position to help and what inspires you to volunteer. Thanks! 

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Pop Drop Volunteers Donation Days:
How To Apply:

We are always looking for people/companies that would like to give and help deliver donations.  If you are interested in getting in on the action and giving back, contact us to join the team for a Pop Drop. We do one drop the last Saturday of every month.  It is not only rewarding but fun to Pop Drop with groups of friends, family and co-workers.

We are seeking volunteers that are forward thinking and team players. We are looking for people whose minds are open to participating in every aspect of running a philanthropy organization. They are willing to work hard and diligently. They enjoy challenging themselves. They have a pleasant phone voice and are not afraid to be on the phone.  They have good communication skills. Humor is a plus. A positive attitude is what we are looking for. 

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